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LOVE THIS PIC and I cant’ get the thought of it out of my head 😛

zelda 4

A friend of mine who goes by the name of 23 introduced me yesterday to Zelda 4’s select glitch, I’ve been having quite a fun time warping through the games maps, causing glitches, getting items early, killing bosses with items 3 levels higher than there’s ( Moldorm + Firerod for example ). It’s completely renewed my interest in the game and made it 20X more fun :3

PS: the select glitch can only be done on the original Gameboy version, when going between map screens press select, if done right you will be on the other side of the next screen, allowing you to warp to other rooms and behind walls.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdMQ2SaS688 — select glitch in action, and the video 23 showed me :3

Fragile relations

The internet has given us so many ways of meeting new and exciting people, and most of the people reading this will know this experience; But do we really take into consideration how fragile these relationships really are? for those of us who do not have a dedicated line we can see this every day and not take notice. All of these relationships, friend, family, mate, brother, sister are literally held by that small piece of plastic plugged into the phone jack, Those tiny little wires that run from your computer or through the air via wireless routers are what holds the relationship together no mater what we think it will always fall back onto this. SO I say take a moment tommorow, look at that little peice of plastic, or those copper wires and give it a little sign of respect 😉

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